Terms & Conditions

SmartClean Recruitment Agency Terms and Conditions

Payment of agency fees: an invoice will be raised once a job offer has been confirmed to the agency by the client either verbally or in writing, and accepted by the candidate in writing. Once this confirmation has been made, if the client then decides not to commence with the placement, the agency fee will remain payable by the client. Payments must be received in full either before the placement start date or within 3 days of the date of invoice (whichever is the earliest). If payment is not received within this time the services of the candidate may be suspended until payment has been made. All fees are non-refundable – unless a candidate withdraws from the agreed placement prior to the agreed start date – then a full refund for the placement fee will be given, or a DBS comes back as unsuitable on part time positions.

Candidate contact details: a candidate’s full name will be provided to the client when an interview has been agreed. A candidate’s contact details will be provided to the client once a job offer has been made by the client and accepted by the candidate.

Disclosure & Barring Certificates (DBS): a DBS will be applied for by the agency if required by the client, with a charge of £100. Application would be made once an offer of employment has been made by the client and accepted by the candidate, and the agency placement fee has been paid. If the DBS comes back as unsuitable after an offer of employment has been made by the client, resulting in the client terminating the placement, and the agency fee has been paid, the replacement guarantee will come into effect for full time positions, and for part time positions a refund for 80% of the agency fee will be provided.

Trials: a free 1 day trial can be taken with all live-out candidates before a job offer is made. There is no agency fee for this trial. Clients would pay the candidate an agreed hourly rate of pay, paid directly to the candidate on the trial day. For live in trials please discuss with the agency.

Replacement guarantee: the replacement guarantee is offered on permanent placements only. In this event, if the placement terminates on or before the expiry of 8 weeks from the candidates start date we will offer one free replacement candidate (subject to the conditions below). If the client does not request the replacement guarantee in writing within 5 working days of the termination, the replacement guarantee will become void. A maximum of 3 candidate profiles will be provided to the client by the agency for free replacement. These profiles will be selected based on the original job specification discussed between the client and SmartClean. SmartClean accepts no liability and is not obliged to offer a replacement or any refund if the client chooses not to hire any of these candidates. If the client is unavailable to meet with these candidates at the time the agency provides the profiles, and has not informed the agency of their unavailability, the replacement guarantee will become void. If the client changes the job specification in any way once the agency has started the original search, or if the agency believes the employee has been mistreated in any way, the replacement guarantee will become void. The replacement guarantee runs from the candidate’s start date stated on the invoice.

To qualify for the replacement guarantee the following conditions must be met:

  • the agency is advised of the termination within 5 working days of the employee either having been given notice, or giving their notice.

  • for employed positions there was a contract of employment supplied by client to employee prior to the start date, stating: name and address of client and employee; days/hours and location of work; rate of pay and how employee will be paid (employment basis); all duties; holiday/sick pay and notice period including any probationary period notice periods. This contract must be signed by both client and employee, and a copy emailed to the agency prior to the employment start date.

  • the working conditions of the employee are reasonable (SmartClean reserves the right to decide what is reasonable)

  • the agency fee must have been received in full.

  • the Terms and Conditions have been read and agreed by the client

The following definitions apply:

  • the ‘agency’ is Geraldine Poorman trading as SmartClean.

  • the ‘client’ is the person or persons seeking staff.

  • the ‘candidate’ is the person introduced by the agency to the client for a placement.

  • a ‘placement’ is the hiring of a candidate by the client and commences upon offer of employment by the client to the candidate.

  • an ‘introduction’ is (a) the passing of CV/pen picture of the candidate to the client, and (b) the interview of the candidate by the client via either phone call/video conference/face to face meeting.

  • the agency is an introduction service only. The agency shall not be liable under any circumstances for any injury, damage, expense, claim or loss of any kind (whether direct, indirect or consequential) arising from introductions/placements made.

  • the agency does not employ the candidate. Clients are responsible for all payments regarding the employment of the candidate. This includes the provision of contracts and pay slips showing Income Tax and NI contributions where necessary. The agency does not issue contracts of employment.

  • the client will inform the agency immediately when an offer of employment has been made.

  • an introduction of a candidate by a client to another potential employer, that results in the placement of a candidate renders the client liable for the full corresponding placement fee. Current fees will apply.

  • if the client withdraws from a placement after an offer of employment has been made by the client and accepted by the candidate, the full placement fee will be charged to the client.

  • the client must agree with the candidate the contract of employment prior to commencement of duties.

  • although the agency carries out thorough checks on the candidates, the client shall satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the candidate.

  • the agency is not responsible for any investigations into the medical history of the candidate.

  • the client is responsible during employment of a candidate for checking any legal implications of the employment including expiry dates on visa/work permits. The agency will perform the relevant checks prior to introduction to the client.

  • should the employees’ position be extended in any way, ie temporary staff offered a permanent position, temporary staff re-engaged or part time staff offered extra hours, additional agency fees will be charged as applicable at the current rate listed on the website.

  • the agency reserves the right to change the website, terms of business and privacy policy at any time. Current fees/terms/policies will apply.

  • the client is entitled to one free replacement only.

  • should the client engage the services of a candidate introduced to them by the agency, without informing the agency, the client will be liable for the full current agency fee.